This Weekend: Yachty’s Pizzeria Comes to Los...

This Weekend: Yachty’s Pizzeria Comes to Los Angeles for the Weekend

Rapper Lil’ Yachty brought the first-ever pizza pop-up to New York last month. Following the mass success of the pop-up, he’s now brining it to the West Coast. Yachty’s Pizzeria will be taking over the existing Delicious Pizza on Sunset. They’ll be open this Saturday & Sunday only — from noon to 7pm. Expect long lines if you plan on grabbing a slice of pizza. Merch will be also on hand, in fact lots of merch, including jackets, hats, and t-shirts. Be sure to arrive early especially if you’re coming with an empty stomach.

Yachty’s Pizzeria
6601 Sunset Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA