Summers at Barbuto NYC

Summers at Barbuto NYC

After several failed attempts to meet up over the course of a year, Jon and I were finally able to secure a time and place to catch up. I was craving some solid Italian food, so when Barbuto popped up, it was unanimously decided where we were heading.

We started off with Salumi and the Bruschetta. I mean, who doesn’t love a cured meat platter, amirite? The two were the perfect pair to start off our meal. The soppressata was my particular favorite. The menu has changed, and the bruschetta pictured here is no longer available, but the chicken liver mousse & cranberry relish* one that has graced the menu sounds equally as enticing!

And for our mains, of course we had to go for the JW Roast Chicken & the Gnocchi. Both dishes were a huge win—the roast chicken was cooked to perfection with the salsa verde on top and the gnocchi was paired perfectly with the summer veggies. It was a match made in heaven, and my taste buds were soaring. And I always love a crispy chicken skin. Who doesn’t!? The veggies in the gnocchi change depending on the season, so right now, the gnocchi is accompanied by delicata squash, broccoli rabe, and pumpkin seeds.

{The largest shot glass I ever did see….}

Unfortunately, Barbuto may be getting the boot soon because of an issue with the building itself. With no set date, we hope Barbuto will be there for as long as possible before it closes down. Get there before the doors close!

I’ve come to appreciate low maintenance friendships, the ones that don’t require constant contact because of the mutual understanding that each individual person has their own thing going on. Being able to catch up with friends that I haven’t talked to in years without missing a beat is definitely one of the simpler joys, especially after leaving the college bubble. And in the end, there’s just so much more to talk about. Hearing where everyone is in this point of their lives, post-graduation, is thrilling.


775 Washington Street
New York, NY 10014



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