Recap: Complex Con 2016

The inaugural festival commenced about a week ago, and there’s still some buzz surrounding the festival/expo’s success. Tons of people showed up to what was dubbed as this generations ‘World’s Fair’ and that’s a fair description. When you think of pop culture Complex is atop of the list. So theres no surprise when news broke about ComplexCon, and the curators surrounding the fest.

If you’re not up to date, here’s essentially everything ComplexCon had to offer. There was food, music, vendors, retailers, sneakers, video games, influencers, artists, and well a shit load of good stuff. Broken into two full days, and two different options: Expo Day Passes which included a full day at the expo + performances from the Pigeons and Planes stage. Additionally, you had the option to buy Expo + Arena passes giving you access to the arena concert with acts like Skrillex, Kid Cudi, Travis Scott, Virgil Abloh. Complicating, I know. If there was one thing that they could fix next year it would be selling the tickets all in one instead of breaking it down into day/night tickets.


There was a lot to see and a lot to do if you just had an expo ticket. Sneakers were literally in every corner, food trucks were selling fire, and the Pigeons and Planes stage was lit. If you went to be inspired, well we all know how that goes. There was panels, art walls, and just an overall positive vibe throughout. It was like the internet IN REAL LIFE.


Food at ComplexCon was of course curated by First We Feast (Complex media), and had some options most of Los Angeles is already accustomed to. But like all festivals, your food lineup can only be as good as the music lineup. With heavy hitters like Free Range and Yeastie Boys, there was plenty of breakfast sandwiches to go around. Other vendors like Dream Pops gave us a fresh look into the 3D world, and their innovative design into the ice cream business. Overall a solid effort on their part to put a line up of vendors like this together. You were really able to get a little bit of everything from industry leaders all across the board. We’re really looking forward to next year, hopefully with some minor tweaks, and adjustments. Until then, keep making culture pop — Complex.




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