Pressed Juicery

Better late than never, but never late is better. Yes, this was my first time trying pressed juice and If you don’t know what pressed juice is— it’s ok. Pressed Juicery makes it pretty easy to understand what Juicing is and helps your body better prepare itself for a more natural cleansing. There’s two ways to drink from Pressed Juicery, regular day to day juice or cleansing juice. While they both provide the same benefits, a cleanse will help detox your body and while doing so won’t get in the way of your daily diet.

Everyone is ‘busy’ these days and so it’s really hard to find a balance in health and nutrition. On a normal day, we skip breakfast and go straight to lunch. But breakfast for lunch always ends up being the go-to. Well, there’s a way to fix all of that. Pressed juice. Now, I’m not gonna sit here and force feed you some Pressed Juicery down your throat, that’s now how I roll. I will, though, encourage you to try Pressed Juicery for the simple fact that it works! Not only do they have something worth trying, in terms of flavors, but it’s also extremely convenient – with delivery options.

It’s hard to wanna implement something into your life without fully knowing the benefits, but I guarantee having some samples will change all of that. Go into a Pressed Juicery, get some samples, pick out your favorites, and go through with it. Even if it’s for a week or two, you’ll feel a difference. You’ll feel energetic, recharged, refreshed, light, faster, stronger, ok maybe not stronger, but if you go to the gym then you’ll feel that boost. Give yourself a chance.


Alright, so the vanilla almond flavor was arguably the most anticipated flavor I received and to say the least, it was ok. Yeah, I went for the looks on this one, but I won’t completely knock it off. I mean, we’re talking about Pressed Juice, not a best juice flavor competition. It had really good elements to make it a solid addition to their already good lineup. The ingredients included almonds, dates, vanilla beans, and sea salts. Most of which, gives strong notes of nuts within the juice. Typically, I would say you can drink this as a breakfast juice. Wake up, and substitute a glass of milk with it. You’ll get a boost of energy, all while getting your protein, minerals, and vitamin B. If you like tree nuts, you’ll love this one.


Citrus 1 is a really refreshing juice in the Pressed Juicery lineup. It’s one of the most popular flavors among the Citrus juices, which contains three of the most powerful natural digestive aids – pineapple, lemon, and aloe vera. If you wanna start off your day with a fresh boost, this will definitely be your go-to.


Well, well, well, we have a winner! I know, I know it wasn’t a taste competition, but Citrus 2 really has all the flavors and ingredients to really pick you up on any give day. It really won me over with how well the flavors blended and came together. I must warn you though, if you drink it before a meal it will get your digestive juices flowing which is what it’s designed for. Filled with enzymes, phytonutrients, and bromelin,  which helps to reduce inflammation.

GREENS 2 & 3 / ROOTS 3

Get back to your roots, that’s the Philosophy behind Pressed Juicery. Greens & Roots are really the 3 juices where you can do just that. They’re also three of the most popular juices sold in California. The showcase of the Greens lineup is really for the more serious juicers, but it shouldn’t stop you from getting your hands on. They really give you the best of all the greens you can get in a juice. If you’re into going green than Green 2 is one of the staple juices that you’ll keep wanting more of. For me personally, I wasn’t such a big fan of Green 2 and 3 because I’m not such a big fan of celery, but if you want to ease your way into the pressed juice habit the transition from 2 to 3 will help get you over whatever taste is lost.

When I finally got around to tasting Roots 3, I was a little stumped. Ok, maybe I was just hoping that beets tasted like strawberry lemonade, but for what it provides it truly helps you ‘Get Back to your Roots’. Beets, if you didn’t know – helps your body to release stomach acid which aids digestion! If you need a mid day snack, you could look to Roots 3.



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