Now Open: Mr. Holmes Bakehouse Larchmont Village

Now Open: Mr. Holmes Bakehouse Larchmont Village


When Mr. Holmes Bakehouse was announced to be coming to Los Angeles we welcomed them with open arms. Opening shop in the growingly popular city of Highland Park, it was a perfect match. Soon after opening in Highland Park — we were teased with their next Bakehouse in Larchmont Village. While this is their third shop (Highland Park, O.C) this one is a match made in heaven. Located on the popular corner of N Larchmont Blvd., its one of the locations you almost have to visit to understand what its like to get baked in Los Angeles.

The Space

If you’re not familiar with the spaces that pack in Mr. Holmes’ delectable pastries, you’re in for another treat. Sure, Highland Park is their flagship store which is impressive in itself and aesthetically pleasing. But their Larchmont shop is as equally inviting and photo friendly as the first. The one thing you will notice though, is how smaller the space is. But they do such a great job packing in so much, yet keeping their aesthetics in tact.

A large counter is the center piece to the store which takes up most of the space to store all the goodies. If you’re standing in line waiting to make your choices, theres a wall behind you that shelves awesome Mr. Holmes merch. It can get a bit crowded in there, so if you’re claustrophobic please beware. Just think of how great the pastries will be once you’re outta there. The lines will get long, especially on a sunny weekend in Larchmont. Be mindful that they open at 6am, and while we don’t encourage you to camp out to be first in line — do get there early.

The Goods

So what’s it like to get baked in Los Angeles?

The experience that began up North, in San Francisco has resonated down to Southern California rather quickly. If you were lucky enough to grab their famed cruffin in San Francisco and snap a photo of ‘I got Baked in San Francisco’ you deserve props. Most in Los Angeles nowadays do things for the gram. I get it. But at what point do people get a chance to stop and take in whats in front of them. Mr. Holmes Bakehouse is not some cute marketing gimmick with nice shiny white boxes that we just wanna randomly keep in our home.

Their pastries are actually good. Like damn, good. I’m not a huge fan of pastries in my humble opinion. But with the flakiness you get out of one of their croissants it’s hard not to fall in love. Lets not even talk about their cruffin’s cause man…what was life before them. In a sense, Mr. Holmes is a slap to the face. Cause when you do think about the pastries here in LA, some are unparalleled.

Cruffin flavors vary by day, and are available until sold out. Their croissants come in all types of delicious flavors like matcha, churro, and even a California croissant which acts as a sushi roll. The chef’s choice donuts are also great options for donut friends like us. But my personal favorite has to be their Blue Cheese Bacon Danish. You know why. Rounding up the menu, you can choose from a few cookie options and another favorite — pick apart apple pie.