Holiday Gift Guide ’17

Christmas is one of the more joyous times of the year. A time spent with friends and family eating food, opening gifts, and making memories. This year, our Holiday Gift Guide is a collection of things we love. Finding the right gift can be hard, but it can also be easy — if you know what you wanna get. Tons of stores offer the same products by different brands. We wanna help you make the right choice. Everything on this list is hand picked. Just like every gift should be. And it comes with everything from small kitchen appliances, gift sets, DIY sets, and bottles we love. Remember to consider express shipping (if available) to make it in time for Christmas. Some products may be available in-stores so if shipping is not an option, you can always rush to do your last minute shopping in-store.


As featured in our Bottles We Love Gift Guide, it was so nice we had to show it twice. Truly one of the better gift sets you can purchase this Christmas for someone special. This unique 3-piece Waterford Crystal Collection and bottle of Tequila Avion is any tequila connoisseur’s dream. Even better, you can enjoy this right after opening on Christmas Eve or wait till your New Years party to pop this baby out and enjoy with friends. Regardless, we think its the best bottled gift set on the market for the price.

Avion Waterford Collection for HYPEFEAST 2017 Gift Guide


Looking to furnish someones kitchen this Christmas? Breville is well known for their kitchen appliances. Beautiful machines, quality innovations, and long lasting products. But more and more smart products are coming to the market and this one is no exception. Depending on size, and functions, Breville has a handful of smart ovens to choose from. Our pick — the Smart Oven® Compact Convection. A perfect pick for someone who needs to upgrade their current oven. Features like Element IQ technology, Convection oven, Backlit LCD, and 8 pre-set cooking functions make it easy to use for anyone.

Breville Smart Oven for HYPEFEAST 2017 Gift Guide


Adding to someones cooking arsenal isn’t easy. Some people love their old pots and pans. I mean, just look in their oven or their storage cabinet — it’s probably a mess. There’s nothing wrong with worn out pots and pans, but sometimes its just easier to use new ones. Easier to clean, store, and overall use. Calphalon has been a staple brand in the cookware industry, and they’re here to solve one problem we all have — storage space. If you know someone in need of some new cookware, or better yet some space for cookware then look no further. The new Calphalon Premier™ Space Saving Cookware securely stacks to save 30% more space. A win win for anyone you give this to.

Calphalon Space Saver for HYPEFEAST 2017 Gift Guide


Do you know anyone who loves to cook? We all do, right? Have you ever gone to the store, came back, and realized you forgot an ingredient? We all have. Make life a little easier for someone special who loves to not only cook, but cook with fresh ingredients. Click & Grow’s latest Smart Garden 9 makes it easy for anyone to grow fresh produce by using their plant capsules. Imagine growing chilies, wild strawberries, or even beautiful plants. This amazing in-home garden is perfect for any green-thumb in your family.

Click & Grow smart garden 9 for HYPEFEAST 2017 Gift Guide


We all have someone in our lives that loves craft beer. And the obsession can sometime be very real. So why not bring the obsession to their home and let them craft-a-brew on their own with this awesome gift package from Craft-A-Brew. The set includes:
Intergalactic Pale Ale Home Beer Brewing Kit, Chocolate Milk Stout Recipe Kit, Deluxe Bottling Kit, Carboy Brush, Autosiphon, Hydrometer, Fermometer, and 2 Craft A Brew beer glasses. Your loved one can successfully call themselves a home brewer after bottling their home brewed craft beer.

Craft-a-brew for HYPEFEAST 2017 Gift Guide


Making cocktails isn’t easy, but we try our best anyway. If you have a friend or family member who is a bartender or just casually calls themselves the bartender at parties get them this. The Deluxe Martini Set brings the beauty of copper into anyone home. This luxury 8-piece set features gorgeous professional bar tools to help anyone make the perfect martini.

Elyx Deluxe Martini Set for HYPEFEAST 2017 Gift Guide


We talked a little about this product in our Austin Travel Guide and it’s still one of the better gifts you can buy for a traveler. It’s a versatile, compact carry-on that should be fitting for just about anyone. Regardless of what you’re packing or how long you are packing for. It’s a sleek, minimal design that should catch the eye of the beholder. Just remember to pick their favorite color or close to it, when buying this beaut.

Incase NoviConnected for HYPEFEAST 2017 Gift Guide


Sorry we missed this in our Bottles We Love Gift Guide. We had to make up for it and feature it somehow. This bottle is the first in a series of special releases by Johnnie Walker Master Blender Dr Jim Beveridge. In any case, Johnnie Walker is the go-to option for any scotch lover and this special blend is no exception. Head over to ReserveBar for other options on Johnnie Walker.

Johnnie Walker Blue Lable Ghost & Rare for HYPEFEAST 2017 Gift Guide


While the earlier mention of a smart compact oven seemed viable, this June oven is for the more — intelligent kitchen. With all the capabilities of a convection oven, sometimes you just need a little more. Still fitting as a countertop oven, this top of the line product will sit perfectly in any kitchen. Help that special person in your life cook a little easier, and a little tastier with the June oven. The oven also comes with an iOS device app that lets you essentially control how you use your June oven. It’s smart, beautiful, and it works. If not for someone, get it for yourself and slap a bow on it.

June Smart oven for HYPEFEAST 2017 Gift Guide


Need the perfect stocking stuffer? Smart products are appearing on shelves more and more. But which ones do we or our loved ones really need? How compatible are they, and how useful are they? Well, I’m here to tell you that the iHome iSP100 is one of the best outdoor plugs you can possibly buy. It’s easy to setup, and even easier to use after that. A simple “Hey Siri, turn on the Christmas lights” and it’s like magic. Give the best stocking stuffer this Christmas, or bundle this with other smart products from iHome. Almost all of which are compatible with your HomeKit by Apple.

iHome iSP100 outdoor plug for HYPEFEAST 2017 Gift Guide


Sticking with the smart home trend, LIFX makes wi-fi enabled LED lights that truly shine. This ‘Playful Gift Pack’ includes two LIFX mini light bulbs, and the LIFX Z smart strip. All three light fixtures make it easy to connect to your iOS or android device and the ability to use voice services like Apple HomeKit, Amazon Alexa, and Google Assistant. The lights include 16 million colors to chose from,  adjustable whites, Day & Dusk automation, and all designed for Energy Star. Light up someones home with LIFX, a better (in my opinion) alternative to other smart lights.

LIFX smart LED lights HYPEFEAST 2017 Gift Guide


PicoBrew is an alternative way to brew your own craft beer at home. It’s an easier, more automated way to brew. Still just as exciting as using a regular brew kit, just sleeker and more precise. Craft five liters of fresh beer in any kitchen in as little as two hours. The Pico C was created for craft beer enthusiast, fitting for a gift to anyone you really love. Personally, If this was under my tree for Christmas I’d be ecstatic.

Pico C home brewing for HYPEFEAST 2017 Gift Guide


Home essentials can be found at places like IKEA or other big named stores. Snowe is provides anyone with home goods for any situation. And while we can recommend you endless products  from Snowe we’re better off just linking you to their website. I know gift cards aren’t the ideal gift, but in this case you never really know what that person might really want. Play it safe and send them a card for all their home needs. You can refer to Snowe’s gift collections if all else fails.

Snowe gift card for HYPEFEAST 2017 Gift Guide


One can get lost browsing through Sur La Table. There’s little thousands of gift ideas to choose from on their website. But this marble pastry board is one that I think is essential. It’s pretty enough to leave out on any counter for any time use. Gather around during the holidays and bake some pastries or cookies using this marble board. The matching marble rolling pin is sold separately and compliments the board beautifully.

Sur La Table Marble Pastry table for HYPEFEAST 2017 Gift Guide


Vitamix makes some of the more professional blenders that are on the market. This new to the market blender is offered at one of the lowest prices. A truly high-performance blender which features variable speeds to refine several textures, a pulse feature for heartier recipes, a high-performance motor, and easy cleaning. Another useful tool to add/upgrade in someones kitchen.

Vitamix E310 blender for HYPEFEAST 2017 Gift Guide


I know what you’re thinking, bottle cutting? Well, it’s a lot more useful than you might’ve thought. Need to find a gift for the more crafty DIY’er in the family. With Bottle Cutting you get their awesome easy to use bottle cutting system which allows you to cut almost any bottle. Make candles, just as a drinking glass, or even a flower vase. It’s a cool gift that keeps on giving. Buy it for yourself and make custom candles to give for the Holidays.

Bottle Cutting Gift Set for HYPEFEAST 2017 Gift Guide


One of my favorite things to do at the end of every night, is sit back and play a couple games of Call of Duty with my friends. We all have that person in our life, wether they’re younger or older. If you have a loved one who screams at the tv at night when you’re sleeping or plays with gunshots in the background while you’re trying to sleep, consider these. You don’t have to be a “gamer” to broaden your gaming experience. This wireless headset from Turtle Beach delivers some of the best sound quality you can possibly get. They’re amazing and anyone will be lucky to have a pair for their new gaming console this Christmas.

Turtle Beach Stealth 700 for PS4