Golden Road: 2017 Release Calendar

Golden Road: 2017 Release Calendar

I think its fair to say that every year, we all anxiously await for our favorite seasonal beer to be brewed and released. For example, every year around this time people await the release of Pliny the Younger. It’s a rare brew, only brewed once a year, and is definitely worth the wait. But while that’s a more coveted release, we also await those of our favorite brewers. In this case — Golden Road Brewery. We’ve widely cover Golden Road throughout the year, and its fair to say they’re one of our favorite brewers in Los Angeles (yes, hate us for it).

Today, you can pick up a case of the Saison Citron a seasonal refreshment that is only available from March to April. Setting notes from fruity to lemony candy — it’s the perfect end-of-Winter beer to head into Spring with and sets the tone for the releases that follow. Releases like Wolf Mother a triple IPA that does not hold back on hops, or Citra blend a dry-hopped wheat brew that boasts notes of citrus and juicy stone fruit. Regardless of what beer tickles your fancy, you can always count on Golden Road’s core brews which are always available. Please note releases can set to change.

Golden Road release calendar
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