Dirt Candy NYC

I knew that once I heard about brussel sprout tacos, I needed to try this spot. I was lucky enough to be Christina’s +1 after last minute plans fell through, so we ended a wonderful day of eating and city exploring here at Dirt Candy.

I’m not usually one that skips out on meat when given the option in any eating scenario. I love my salads with a healthy serving of chicken and enjoy a juicy steak whenever I can.

{Tacos #fromabove.}
{A beautifully crafted taco, courtesy of Christina.}

The brussel sprout tacos are a must. Hell, next time, I’ll even order it for myself (it’s for two, but you know…). Unfortunately, the other dishes fell a little flat. While I enjoyed the bits of rainbow cauliflower, I couldn’t get over the overpowering ginger-y taste of the cauliflower dumplings.

It was definitely a different experience, and I appreciated the creativity of the dishes that were prepared. Then again, not everyone’s palates are the same, so for you vegetarians and vegans, head on over for a taste. I’ve heard some positives about the other veggie dishes, so go with an open mind and an open stomach, and be prepared to drop some $!

Dirt Candy
86 Allen Street
New York, NY 10002Dirty



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