BEERLAND Season 2 Winner: Man-Go-War is now Availa...

BEERLAND Season 2 Winner: Man-Go-War is now Available

Winners of BEERLAND season 2 - Blueberry Wheat Ale with Mango & Habanero.

If you’ve missed this season of BEERLAND you probably aren’t aware of the new winner of season 2. This season, Meg Gill traveled throughout the country to find the best new brew to can and distribute at Golden Road. It started at Portland where she chose an American Blonde to move on to the next round. Other brews that made it to the finale were a Peach Hefeweizen, Helles Bock, and a Blueberry flavored Wheat Ale. By now, you and I both know which beer won— so let’s get into it.

"Mango, Blueberry, Habanero, my initial thought— it could be a muddled mess or it could be a fantastic, refreshing, flavorful awesome beer"

Winners of BEERLAND season 2

The winners of BEERLAND Season 2 are Jonathan Billings & Michael Finn from Sebastian, Florida. Watching the show, and hearing about the other beers you can imagine just how tough of a choice this was. But when tasting this brew, it was evident as to why it won. As I took my first sip, my eyes lit up, my mouth erupted, and I was briefly transported to the beach. Interestingly enough, each beer that Michael & Jonathan have brewed include a few teaspoons of ocean water. You cant taste it, obviously, but knowing it’s part of the brewing process makes it a cool nod to where they’re from. Man-Go-War, the name of this American Wheat Ale is made with mango, blueberry, and habanero. Notes of blueberry and mango dominate the nose, but I dare you to remember which one comes first to mind. As far as flavor— you get a nice balance of all three ingredients. On the back end you get a tiny bit of spice, and of course hints of wheat. Coming in at 5% ABV it’s a really enjoyable beer. Something that you can pick up and drink a six pack of for sure. Crisp, clean, light, refreshing, and just an overall great beer by two awesome homebrewers.

Winners of BEERLAND season 2 - Blueberry Wheat Ale with Mango & Habanero.

Man-Go-War is available now in California, and the other cities where Viceland was filmed (for now). Also available on tap at Golden Road LA Brewery, DTLA, and OC.