Beats for Breakfast: Vol. 2

Beats for Breakfast: Vol. 2

Tell us about yourself about yourself and how you came about your DJ name..

I was born and raised in Seattle, Washington. During my adolescent years I moved to Long Beach and have stayed here since. My dj name… We actually just decided to pick something random. Something simple and cute, but sticks (and no it has no affiliation with disney).

How did you get into Dj’ing and how long have you been Dj’ing for?

I’ve always been a sucker music. I remember in high school I would ditch school to spend all day in record stores to find a new record to cop. So one day I just decided to buy a mixer. That was like 2011. I was mixing so carelessly in my room, my drums never matched up and I train wrecked often. I sounded horrible and gave up for a while. I would sit there like why the hell doesn’t this sound right until one day I learned how to beat match and after that things came easy to me. It wasn’t until recent March that I attempted to take this music thing seriously by taking it out of my room to the streets.

Do you feel like there is equal opportunities dj’ing as a woman as opposed to being a male dj?

I see it both ways. Sometimes I feel there’s better opportunities for females sometimes not, but sometimes I feel like it’s for the wrong reasons. It’s hard for females to be respected in the music industry unless it’s something men want out of it, but there are so many females out there who actually put it down. I’ve seen girls who mixed better than guys and it’s just kinda messed up how some people could think they’re under qualified just because they are female. That’s just my perspective.

If you’re not dj’ing, what’re you usually doing on your spare time?

I just graduated college so I’m taking some time off to relax as of the moment. I’ve been spending time with my family and friends. I always shop on my spare time and it’s so bad. Learning. I kind of just spend all day looking for new music to listen to or watch netflix, but soon enough I’ll get back on my grind.

What does your daily breakfast consist of?

I’m horrible when it comes to breakfast, I tend to skip it a lot due to bad habits. Generally I’ll grab a banana and coffee when I’m on the go, but when I do have time to have breakfast I’ll usually have a spicy Mexican omelette at Blackbird Cafe. So good.

You’re from LA, what are some of your favorite spots to eat at?

Technically Lakewood, but I’m always in LA. I’m super Asian when it comes to food (sorry), but here’s my list:

• Kang Ho Dong Baekjeong
• Toe Bang
• Full House
• The Palms
• Sugarfish
• Seongbukdong
• Botegga Louie
• Maestros
• Eggslut
• Wurstküche
• 800 degrees

What are your go-to bars/lounges?

• Lock & key
• Red room
• Roger room
• Eighty two
• Black
• Medusa lounge
• The rooftop @ The Standard

You’re on death row, what would your last meal look like?

Boiling crab and KBBQ together haha totally cheating. Oh, and a pack of my trusty seaweed.




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