Ballast Point: Mango Even Keel

Ballast Point: Mango Even Keel

Ballast Point Even Mango Keel

ABV: 3.8% | STYLE: American IPA | Brewery Location: San Diego, CA | Availability: Year Round

Ballast Point has reached limits other craft beers only dream of and there was a lot of question about their integrity when they decided to sell. Let's be honest though, the integrity is far from gone. January is going to be a fun month for all Ballast Point fans and craft beer fans overall. With the release of numerous brews in different variations, like: Pineapple Sculpin, Watermelon Dorado, & Ginger Big Eye. If you're not excited about those, let us excite you with this Mango Even Keel. An amazing session beer to keep you coming for more. Ballast Point Brewing assures us that this session ale filled with fruit, hops, and a low ABV — is on another level.


Cracking open a can of beer is always somewhat therapeutic, but it's whats in the can that really matters. In this case, we had a perfect balance of fruit and hops. Drinking out of the can, it's a little tricky to get your initial scents. When poured, you get a light golden orange color, with a white fluffy head -- filled with a magical aroma of tropic fruit. The mango isn't overwhelming, in my honest opinion it's as advertised. It has a perfect balance of hops and notes of mango that makes it extremely drinkable especially with it's 3.8% ABV. Although it feels like you're drinking something that's 5% you won't hold back from throwing back an entire 6 pack.




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